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Today marks 5 years of living on our farm in Wisconsin. What started out simply as a new beginning has become the greatest adventure of our lives.

A few weeks ago, I asked Anthony "If we really would have thought about what we were about to do, do you think we would have done it? Like, for example, if we had said to ourselves, 'hey, we won't have just one roof/building/space to repair - we'll have SEVEN of them', would we still have bought this place?" He just kind of looked at me with a look that said "uhhhh, probably not". And are we glad we did it? YES - a MILLION times yes. We both know that it was the best move we've ever made.

Anthony and I the day we got our keys.

While I was scrolling through my photos of this past year, I started thinking to myself - Wow, we've done a LOT this year. And I NEVER think that. I'm usually more focused on what we haven't done, what we need to do, what we should be doing, etc. It is extremely difficult for me to change that mindset, but I really am trying. I am.

And now, you guessed it -it's time for a little walk down memory lane. This is as much for me as it is for you guys. I need to be reminded of where we've been to know where we're going - or something like that, right? Plus, you know how I LOVE a before and after. I mean, who doesn't? So, what have we been up to?

We started this blog.

We did some remodeling inside.

We learned to preserve.

We learned to grow things.

We met the most fantastic people.

We went to Fish Fry. A lot.

We grew lots and lots of flowers.

We got barn cats.

We became beekeepers.

We embraced Elkhorn AND Wisconsin.

We survived an injury.

Softball to the nose

We got cows.

We watched those cows have cow babies.

We extracted honey.

photo courtesy of Catherine Carrison

We did some remodeling outside, with lots of help.

We had cows escape.

We got new fencing.

We created a You Tube channel.

We had a family reunion.

We lost an animal.

We finally got chickens.

And eggs!

We scooped poop. A LOT of poop.

We lost a barn cat and celebrated when he returned.


Gigi survived a doggie injury.

We got a tractor.

We lived through a polar vortex.

We reclaimed the pool.

We won blue ribbons at the Walworth County Fair.

We sold at Farmer's Markets.

We had lots and lots of visitors.

Where are we going? Our greatest dream for Lucky Break is to be able to share it - the experiences with our animals, the beautiful views and most of all, the simple things in life it has led us to appreciate on a daily basis.

We are working towards this every single day and you guys will be the FIRST to know what and when and how this is all going to happen.

photo courtesy of Catherine Carrison

Thank you. Thank you for following along with us, for commenting and encouraging us and for making us feel like what we are doing is worth sharing.

photo courtesy of Catherine Carrison

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