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Happy New Year! I hope your year is full of sunshine and love and everything your little heart desires. I'm not sure about you guys, but I am so happy to get started on some of the projects for the year ahead. I've been scheming and listing and trying to figure out what is actually feasible for us to accomplish this winter. And here's what I've come up with:

It's hard for me to prioritize when there are so many things we want to accomplish around here. Repaint inside the house, design the outdoor kitchen, get the barn quilt painted and ready, move the floral design area - I could keep going, but don't want to bore you. What I'm most excited about is getting our little farm store up and running, and that's what we are starting with this month.

Our goal has always been to have people out to our farm. When we started selling at farmer's markets a few years ago, the question most asked of us - aside from "Is this local honey?" is "Can we come to your farm?" And we've always said - "Not yet, but someday!" And now someday is on the horizon.

We won't be selling at Boxed and Burlap this year, as they will no longer have their Friday Farmer's Market. Rumor has it that Williams Bay will be hosting the farm market on Friday's, down at Edgewater Park - I don't know if that's actually going to happen. BUT we will be selling here at our place, on weekends. We are still deciding on days and times. Oh and what will we be selling? Eggs, honey, cut flowers, Anthony's watercolors, beeswax candles, veggies and herbs from the garden AND a few more things that are - shall we say - still in development.

This is the part of the barn where we want to set up shop. These are definitely rough "before" photos, but it's a perfect little room with LOTS of potential.

This is some of the inspiration that's getting us excited to get out the sledgehammers.

Wish us luck as we get started on another project over here. We can't wait to share our farm with all of you.

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