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Farmhouse Kitchen

It's official, the kitchen remodel has finally begun! I know I said I would share pictures of the basement, but we have postponed working down there while we are trying to nail down the details in the kitchen. Here are some of the before pictures:

The ceiling was removed on Friday so we can get a better idea of what's up there and what needs to be done to make it livable and not horrible looking. It was a huge mess, but you would never know it because the guys that did it cleaned it up so well and did it all in about a day. (Thanks Chopper!) We are back to normal in our kitchen again for the time being. Well kind of normal, it looks like this right now:

Anthony came home from ice fishing and instantly fell in LOVE with the ceiling.

He can't stop staring at it. It is so cool that we are actually able to incorporate this design detail into our remodel. I don't know if we are going to be able to keep it in its natural state, though. Our house is more of a refined farmhouse, not so much on the rustic side. I don't think we are going to paint it. Maybe pickle it? That's what our painter has suggested and I think we are both on board with that idea. Kind of like this:

We had to pack everything up a few days ago. We emptied every single drawer and cupboard because we knew it would be extremely messy and dusty. We've put some of it back, but only the essentials. We're going to be living pretty lean in the kitchen for the next month and a half. The delivery of the cabinets is what is driving the timeline and they are what usually takes the longest, in this case that means 5 weeks. We are hoping the kitchen will be up and running by the end of April. Fingers crossed! We just need to finalize the rest of the details like the backsplash materials and design, lighting and cabinet hardware.

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