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As we enter week 4 of not having a kitchen, we are starting to get excited about the finished space. We can finally see the whole plan coming together and it is even better than we dreamt it would be! Don't get me wrong, it has not been unicorns and rainbows the whole time. It has been extremely frustrating at times; things have come in broken, the wrong size, the wrong configuration, been delayed, etc. It's also not lost on me how ridiculous it sounds to complain about getting a brand new kitchen, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. I think my new favorite room in our house is going to be the pantry/laundry room. Right now we have been doing our laundry in the basement which is just not ideal. As I've mentioned before, I'm super clumsy and am so afraid of tumbling down the stairs, especially with a giant basket of clothes in hand.

This is a before shot of the room. We had a few thoughts about what we wanted to do here - we definitely needed more cabinet space than what was in the current kitchen. We wanted to update the flooring, but give it a classic, more traditional feel. We decided to paint the walls the same color as the cabinets, and to paint the ceiling and beams the same as the kitchen next door. A during photo:

Just painting the walls a lighter color made a huge difference. Here's the room, from the same view, after:

We took some time in figuring out the snowflake pattern on the floor - should it be a flower? A big snowflake? A small one? We decided on the larger one because, well, Wisconsin! Snow! Duh.

I decided to go with black grout for two reasons - one to make it seem as if the floor had been there forever, and two, I knew that this room would get a ton of foot traffic and it would hide the dirt well. Based on the swearing that was coming from the room I'm pretty sure the guy who installed the tile wanted to murder me, as he wiped up the floor for the thousandth time. The final floor is so great, I love it every single time I walk into the room. We weren't sure we were going to be able to add the EST. 1830 bit, and that was I wanted most in the room. I'm so glad it worked out, it is definitely my new favorite thing in our house.

We should start wrapping things up by the end of this weekend and then we can get everything out of the garage and back into the kitchen cabinets. I'm over the top excited about how I'm going to organize everything in the pantry, these images were the inspiration I showed to our cabinetry people, all taken from Pinterest.

Now that we've been through the rough parts, we are definitely getting to the other side and working on the fun parts.

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