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Grandmother's Recipes

We finally received the table for our kitchen nook, and I am happy to say that this room is finished! I'd like to add a few pillows to the benches and we still need to get the vents in properly; these are the little details that ensure that no room is ever truly finished. And I'm ok with that, basically because I have no choice - as my Dad says "what is, IS." I wanted to add some artwork to the room and thought it should be kitchen related. I was tossing around the idea of using vintage cookbooks, maybe cookbook covers, but none of this was really doing it for me. I wanted to have something in there that meant something to us - after designing model homes for a few years, I've grown tired of everything being so fake and matchy-matchy. I don't want my home to look staged and as if no one lives in it. I really want every piece to mean something. I'm sure at some point this will drive me crazy, but right now I feel like I am designing my home the right way - with intent and thoughtfulness.

I decided to get copies of all four of our Grandmother's handwritten recipes. We called all of the important people and Grandma recipe holders and asked that they send them our way. I created labels to identify which recipe belonged to which Grandma and added small metal card catalog frames to the labels, then framed them.

Here's how it turned out:

I'm so happy with the way this project turned out. We think of some of our favorite ladies every time we walk into this room, and it's also fun for both of our families to have been involved in a little project at our farmhouse.

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