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Kitchen Nook

Frosty nook windows

We are finally at the point where we can start remodeling the parts of the house that we want to change. It's important to us to keep the integrity of the house intact and to leave as much alone as possible. The people who lived here before us have taken great care of this house, were so thoughtful about any changes that they made to it and we want to continue to do the same. Many of you have asked me to post more photos of the inside of the house, so let's start in the kitchen nook.

This is a teeny tiny room off of the kitchen - about 6 1/2 feet by 9 feet. I love the feel of this room and the views are spectacular.

Sunset from the nook

Once we decided that we were going to keep this room intact when we remodel the kitchen, we thought it would be great as a little coffee bar/kitchen nook. There is a perfect area for our coffeemaker, with cabinets that can store all of the cups and drawers that can store the coffee supplies.

Here is a little sampling of all of the finishes and fabrics going in the room. The wallpaper is my favorite, of course, with little gold pears sprinkled throughout.

The charcoal paint chip shown will be in a matte finish and will be painted where all of the white paint is currently, with the exception of the base and window casing, which will remain white. Here are some other pictures of the space.

Window hardware

For seating we ordered a banquette from Ballard Designs that has seats that lift up for storage, I'm using the plaid fabric there.

I love the design of the existing window treatments so I replicated them, but with the polka dot and black and white checked fabrics. I'm picking those up tomorrow, can't wait!

We will replace the light fixture, with this:

Anthony is painting the cabinets himself, we selected this as the grout color for the white marble mosaic backsplash and will also use it as the cabinet color. We're going with a black honed granite for the countertop.

I'm loving the look of this table, kind of a french bistro feel. I really want a marble top so I can wipe it down and go, and not have to worry about ruining a wood finish or using placemats and tablecloths. We've got chairs that I had upholstered before we left Vegas. Anthony has started the demo, there's a cool selection of past wall coverings inside and underneath the countertop.

The cabinet hardware is the only thing left that we haven't decided on, so we are in pretty good shape! I can't wait to get this project finished, I will finally feel like we have started the long process of making this beautiful house our own.

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