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Kitchen Nook - not before, not after

We are currently smack in the middle of our kitchen nook project. A project (see the before here) that seemed to be quick and easy is taking what seems like forever to complete! Between me having to go back to Vegas for 3 weeks for work and then coming back with a HUGE deadline to meet, I haven't had time to do much of anything. Tonight was actually the first time I have left the house since I got home on Monday. Boo Hoo, I know. Anthony has done all of the work and for that he definitely deserves some sort of prize. Here are a few photos of where we are right now. The red and black seem super scary, but don't worry, the wallcovering will be placed over the red.

Gigi loves a good photo bomb

The cabinets have been refinished and put back into place. Anthony also painted the inside of the back of the cabinets, but I'm thinking of obscuring the leaded glass in some way so it won't look like such a mishmash of coffee cups once we put everything away in the cabinet.

old hardware

old hinges

These were the handles that we took off of the cabinets. I ordered some that match the hinges. While those probably wouldn't be my first choice, we kept the hinges in order to avoid an insane and time-consuming new hinge/fill the holes/what will fit/research for 3 weeks type of issue.

The old light is dangling, tomorrow the new one will be put up. The new window treatments, hardware and new switch plate covers all arrived today. Wallcovering is going up next week, so the rest of the items will be installed next week as well. The banquettes are being stored in the garage right now. What's left? The countertop came in yesterday and was cut to the wrong size, so there is now a delay on installing that and the backsplash.

Anthony doing ALL of the work

The only outstanding items are the table, which we still haven't ordered because we actually want to sit on the banquette and figure out the exact size of the table, and the wall vents. I was originally just going to spray paint them, but they are too modern for this house. I'd like to get something that fits with the time period of the house and that task, so far, has proven difficult.

pesky wall vents

As an interior designer I am completely aware that this is how most projects roll - they take twice the amount of time you think they should, people make mistakes and compromises have to be made. As a homeowner I'm totally annoyed with this entire process and am ready for at least one project to be done by now! I'm hoping to post some fantastic AFTER pictures by this time next week. Fingers crossed.

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