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We are about 95% finished with this project and WOW does it feel good to finally have accomplished something significant in the house. I am an extremely impatient person and being an interior designer does not help at all. In fact it makes me have unrealistic expectations and goals and probably makes my husband want to punch me in the face. Apologies in advance for the terrible photography, but I wanted to post our progress. Before:


Gigi fell in love with the banquette and proceeded to jump up and take a nap immediately. Anthony then had to say "I told you so" about 17 times over the next few days. It's somewhat gross that she is lying in there, but her cuteness factor kind of overrides the grossness.

Right??? And these also open for storage, or for dogs to hang out in.

We are still waiting for the table to arrive and need to hang some plates on the wall. I also have an idea for some other artwork in the room, but I'll share that post when I get closer to completing it. I'm also thinking a few black kidney pillows might break up the plaid all over the place. I sprayed a frosty glass etching spray on the inside of the cabinet windows, because I wanted to obscure all of the different colored cups inside. Before:


I am obsessed with wallpaper, and this one is no exception. I love the sparkly little gold pears. I also love how the paper ties in to the giant birch tree we have right outside of the window of this room.

Drapery closeup

Marble mosaic backsplash; it always looks so different once it is grouted.

We installed new wall vent covers, but our walls and baseboard are a bit janky, so we will need some additional help on these.

I found some great antique spice jars last week and thought they were perfect for the small shelves. Still on the hunt for a few more!

These jars have the spice names in four different languages, a different one on each side.

This is definitely my new favorite room in our house. And it's the best place to sit and watch the sun set.

Next up on on our list: basement cleanup and painting. Stay tuned for some wildly exciting basement photos later on this week.

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