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Lake Time

A few days ago we decided to take a break from our unending list of projects and instead spent the day on Anthony's new fishing boat. We took Gigi out too, it was her first time in a lake and on a boat. We gave Delavan Lake a try.

Look at her ears blowing back in the wind

I had no idea what she would do, she's a bit skittish around a nail gun and forget about it if she hears the smoke alarm beep. So we bought her a doggie life vest and hoped for the best.

I know we're like weird new parents with their first kid when it comes to Gigi. But I'm not exaggerating a bit when I say that she was a natural! She was so relaxed on the boat that she fell asleep as soon as we hit top speed. We all loved it and can't wait for more days on the boat together.

An unsuccessful selfie of Gigi and me. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my giant hat.

Once we realized she wasn't going to be a total spaz, we took her lifejacket off and that led to a long nap.

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