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There are beef cattle being raised next door to us. Every year, for a few weeks in the summer they come over to our pasture to snack on our grass. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say we have been looking forward to this since we moved here. Anthony and I love to watch the cows, we've had the best time this spring seeing all of the new calves run around the fields and we even love laying in bed listening to them moo in the middle of the night. This experience is so far removed from living in Las Vegas, where we could only open our windows for a few weeks each year. The noises that we would hear outside were cars, our neighbors and their kids because our houses were so close, and sometimes the occasional police helicopter overhead.

Once we found out they would be coming over last week, every few hours we would go out to check and see if they were in our yard. Monday night they finally started to wander down the lane into our pasture. Some of the cows that were on the opposite side of the fence were mooing like crazy at the ones who were in our yard. It was as if they were pissed because they couldn't figure out how to get over to the new area and were asking these cows how to get over there.

Tuesday night was a whole different story; when they came down the lane and into the pasture, so many of the cows and calves were running at full speed to get into the grass. It was hilarious and so adorable to watch. Again, they were all mooing like crazy and I was sure that they were so excited to be eating some fresh grass, in a new area. Tonight I told my sister that I need a cow intervention at this point. I've taken 350 photos of them in the past week. I'm obsessed and like nothing more than sitting outside, watching them, listening to them moo and trudge through the tall grass. So for your viewing pleasure, I've edited my cow photo collection down to what I think are the best ones. Enjoy.

When Gigi was sniffing the cows and about to kiss one right on the snout, she got a little bit of a shock from the electric fence. So now she's keeping her distance.

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