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Welcome to Elkhorn

It's been one month and two days since we arrived in Wisconsin. Anthony and I are completely floored by the unending hospitality we've received since we've been here. We've gotten gifts of food, a giant poinsettia, invites to parties, cheese and one couple that we met even had a get together at the bar and restaurant they own to welcome us to Elkhorn, along with their close friends. Each time we interact with people in our town and the surrounding towns, we are reminded why we love Wisconsin and why we chose to live here. It might be a bit slower than we are used to, but in a good way. Every single person we have met has been friendly, offered to help us in some way, given us advice on where to eat, a great lake to fish for walleye or pointed us in the right direction. On Thursday night I was invited to a holiday party for a group of women who have golfed together for over 20 years. There were about twenty women there and I am not exaggerating a bit when I say that each and every woman came up to me, introduced herself, welcomed me to the area and asked me a ton of questions about why we moved here, where we were from, etc. I've never felt so happy and humbled to be in such a great group of people. It's fantastic that there are actually so many people still around that are like that! One of my sisters said it restored her faith in humanity. We owe much of this to the people who owned the house that we bought. I was told that Laura (the former owner) told all of their friends to make sure and welcome us and to take care of us. That's exactly what they've done, and we couldn't be more grateful.

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